Journey Toward a Masterpiece: Crowdsourcing and Funding for New Theater

One of the challenges faced by theater artists is how one finds money to mount productions of new work. Crowdsourcing seems to be a workable alternative to the traditional methods of raising funds for small productions – and one that helps creators gauge the level of interest in their production before it’s launched.

In preparation for a brand new play, CELEBRITY: THE MELTDOWN MONOLOGUES, I’ve spent the last week working on a project page, complete with project summary, graphic design, music and a promo video! A bare-bones budget with a focus on quality and publicity has shown that we need $15,000 to launch the production, and we’re hoping to source most of the funding through small donations from a huge number of people.

Help us spread the word! Check out our promo video and project summary by clicking here.


Over the weekend, I’ll be building out this show blog and putting together some more information on how CELEBRITY: THE MELTDOWN MONOLOGUES is going to take the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival by storm! Getting the funding ball rolling in these first few days is critical, particularly since our April 17th funding deadline is rapidly approaching!

Stay tuned – and please help with any small donations/contributions, and by letting your friends know about the project!

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